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Who are we ?

Who are we ?

The History of the Henri IV Hotel

Heart story for Madame, arrival from Normandy. Chance led me to Eauze! After a few years of experience in hotels and restaurants between Toulouse, Normandy and Henri IV as an employee, this much desired business finally became mine in 2004.

Meeting with Mr. in 1995, from the Gersoise family, a plumber by training, we moved forward together on this project.
Many years spent redoing everything ourselves with the help of our children who grew up around us 24/7!

Total reconversion for Monsieur, thanks to the help of a professional cook who stayed with us for more than 2 years. Since then, Monsieur has held the reins of the kitchen.


Welcome to the Hotel

Since our participation in 2016 in the program “Bienvenue à l’Hôtel” we have had a great presence and discovery for many customers. Always attentive and seeking to satisfy our customers, it is a real pleasure to welcome you to “Us”.

We are in our twentieth year of activity. We now hope to find a new buyer who will bring you as much pleasure.

In the meantime, we remain true and equal to ourselves. Kindness, smile, pleasure and good humor.

See you soon in the Gers,
in Eauze, capital of Armagnac. At Henri IV (Film “Happiness is in the Nearness)

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