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Discover Eauze

If you want to immerse yourself in the history and cultural richness of Eauze, then exploring this Gers town in the heart of Gascony is a very good idea. Thanks to its heritage and its friendly setting, the town of Eauze offers visitors a unique experience.
During your walks, you will walk along the cobbled streets, imbued with a medieval atmosphere and you will be able to explore and discover the architectural treasures of Eauze. The Hôtel-Restaurant Henri 4 is located behind Saint-Luperc Cathedral. This majestic and imposing cathedral stands proudly in the center of the city. This cathedral dates from the 12th century, houses sacred works of art and offers breathtaking views from its bell tower. As you walk you can see the Gélise, a small river that winds through the city. For people who love history, a visit to the Eauze treasure archeology museum will be a great experience. Indeed, the town of Eauze is known for its treasure unearthed in 1985 during an excavation. You will be able to discover collections of prehistoric objects which constitute a unique ensemble in the southwest.
But it is not only the heritage that makes the city of Eauze. The city's bustling market is also famous. This is held every Thursday along Boulevard Général Ballon. We recognize it thanks to the colorful stalls which offer you a wide selection of fresh local products, such as delicious foie gras, aged cheeses and renowned wines from the region.
You can stroll through the aisles of the market to discover local specialties, meet the producers and for a moment of relaxation.

Hôtel de ville Eauze

Activities in Eauze

Are you staying in Eauze and you don't know what to do? So here is a to do list of activities to do to discover the charming town of Eauze.
For nature lovers, numerous hiking trails are available to discover the surrounding nature such as the vineyards. By bike or on foot, you can stroll in a calm and relaxing setting to recharge your batteries.
From mid-June, for those who love water, you have a wide choice to come and have fun with family or friends at the Eauze municipal swimming pool or at the Gondrin leisure park. If you want to relax, head to the Castéra-Verduzan thermal baths. You can enjoy the benefits of thermal water, relax with massages and even work out with aquagym classes.
If you like history and want to know more about the history of the city you can visit different museums such as the archaeological museum, the Armagnac ecomuseum, the d'Artagnan museum, the Gascon country museum and many more. more besides !
For fishing enthusiasts, Eauze and its surroundings are full of bodies of water suitable for this activity. You are spoiled for choice between freshwater fishing, recreational fishing, sea fishing or sport fly and casting fishing. There is something for every taste !


For more information, do not hesitate to consult our page “News” by clicking on it; Or by going to inquire directly with the Armagnac and d'Artagnan Tourist Office.

Marché d'Eauze Gers

Eauze, capital of Armagnac

We cannot talk about Eauze without talking about Armagnac. Indeed, Eauze is a town which is located in the heart of the most productive and most famous region of this eau-de-vie, Occitanie! You should know that Armagnac is the oldest brandy in France. In the past, it was attributed with therapeutic virtues, it was also called the water of immortality. It was in Gascony that the Armagnac market was born in the Middle Ages, the town of Eauze was a flourishing economic center, where the Armagnac trade grew.
At the time, this region was already renowned for its vineyards and exceptional wines. It was over time that the wine-growing tradition developed, which gave birth to Armagnac as we know it today.
Indeed, today, Eauze continues to preserve wine-growing traditions and produces the best Armagnacs. Our local winegrowers produce this eau-de-vie with specific grape varieties from the region. We find Baco, Folle Blanche and Ugni Blanc which represents the majority of the Armagnac vineyard.
If you are a fan of Armagnac, then you can visit the vineyards of Eauze and the surrounding area and enjoy a tasting, you can also visit the Armagnac eco museum to learn more about distillation techniques and the work of the vineyard and the winegrower.

Hôtel Henri 4 armagnac - Eauze
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